School of Prophets

The Purpose of the School of the Prophets

The purpose of the school of the prophets is to destroy traditions, fear doubt and unbelief.  The prophetic is one of least understood ministries in the body of Christ.  This school has been risen up to demonstrate that God still uses prophets and prophetess today.

You will never be the same as a result of this school if you will open your spirit and receive.  You will leave encouraged, released and refreshed.  We will demystify the prophetic and teach you that it is teachable and learnable if you willing to forget tradition and open your heart.

This school has evolved as a result of my many years of teaching periodic schools of the prophet classes in Cleveland, Ohio.  As of the writing of this vision and purpose, I have walked in the prophetic for 35 years.  I have had many experiences in the realm of the prophetic. My heart desire is to transfer and impart the things that we have learned to you.  In the early days when I first began to prophesy, there were no schools of the prophets as such.  It was all hard knocks, trial and error.  I learned by many tears, mistakes and prayer.  We endeavor in this school to help you around some of things and accelerate your growth and development in the prophetic office.

Yea, would that Lord say, I have brought you hear this day to release upon you a burst of change.  This time is truly my hand, my day, and my doing.” Saith the Lord

The School of the prophet’s course can be taken several different ways.

The Onsite School of the Prophets Schedule

Classes run from Sept thru May of every year. Classes are on the last Saturday of each month.

Classes start at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Registration Fee $75.00 per session

The online School of the Prophets can be taken via this bible school. The cost of the online school is $75.00 per course. This can be taken completely online.

Some of the Subjects taught in the school

  1. Different classes of Prophets
  2. Biblical proof for Schools of the Prophets
  3. The Dream Master
  4. Prophetic Protocol
  5. Levels of the prophetic
  6. The simple gift of prophesy
  7. The Prophetess
  8. The Power Prophets